Hello from Ann of the classical shows and the Thrill of it All. As a child I discovered Chopin and Tchaikovsky via old Hollywood films and music played when we walked into and out of school assemblies. There was 2 Way Family Favourites on the wireless.  The Beatles were big, so big that my parents would get me up and out of bed at night if the Fab 4 came on the telly. I wanted to be a Head Teacher and marry George Harrison. Then I saw Ray Davies on TOTP. As a teenager I fell for Bryan Ferry, as regular listeners  know. Glam Rock and lime green hotpants alternating with faux leopardprint ensued. Radio presenting came later in life after years of teaching and raising two daughters.  I must thank the daughters, 1 and 2, for introducing me to artistes such as Suede and the Foo Fighters.  Also the Dear Husband for reminding me of Vaughan Williams, Fleetwood Mac and Fairport Convention. I don’t wear those hotpants any more, however animal print still features in my wardrobe. I like TV and Film, but I’ve always loved Radio. It lets us paint our own pictures.  Our home boasts a radio in every room!