March 23 Featured Presenter Eric White

March 23 Featured Presenter Eric White

Eric White

My first love of radio was in the late 1960s with Alan Freeman’s pick of the pops and he remains one of my biggest influences in making radio as I believe  it should be fun and with word economy.

Earliest experiences was as a teenager on Hospital radio in 1979.Did some production work on  BBC Radio Norfolk and Radio Broadland in the 1980s.My first big break was Presenting a two hour 1960s show for three months in 1992.

For 15 years I co-presented a monthly feature with Keith Skues who taught me so much.

Online radio from my home studio began in 2021 with Brickies radio as well as Radio Six international and then onto Coastal radio105 since February 2023.

My music tastes are wide but the 1960s is my favourite era and is reflected in my collection and passion. I adore physically playing everything from records and cds with the unexpected amongst the big hits.I thrive on feedback and welcome your memories and suggestions!